I’m Josefine. Extreme sufferer from FOMO, latergrammer and last-minute planner. I am originally from Sweden but have bounced around a lot growing up. At the moment I call Miami home.

So why did I start this blog?

I love travel. I love taking pictures. And not too long ago I started doing all of this by myself. So I decided to keep a journal and when recounting my adventures to family and friends they all bugged me about jotting all this down in blog form. True, I had thought about it. Plus I love the idea of contributing to the public discourse and really putting my thoughts down on (paper?) no matter the topic and no matter how many people read it. It’s still out there.

What’s the deal with the blog name? What is FOMO?

Look no further! Here you will find your answer!

Why should I read this?

OK. So I’ll be honest. There is no one goal for this blog. In truth, I wanted to find an outlet to recount interesting stories from my backpacking travels in a format that is informative and hopefully entertaining, with some of my favorite pictures complementing the sarcasm that you will find runs through the veins of this blog.

Also, I am not new to traveling. So far I’ve been to 49 countries on five continents so I certainly have some stories to share! Best part about this is that even though it may sound like a lot it’s only a fraction of what is really out there.

I hope you enjoy what I have to share with you. Feel free to shoot me a note with any comments or questions.