When in Bolivia…. go to Paris!

Here’s the not-so-great part about arriving via night bus in Sucre: getting in too early. Yes ma’m! You got that right! Everything is closed. With an emphasis on not being open. So, we find a hostel, Wasi Masi, in the center where we are able to catch some sleep in the common area before check-in time comes around the corner.

After decompressing in the rooms for a bit we feast on the included breakfast before deciding to head for the free walking tour (of course, we missed it though). My energy levels were plummeting and kept on plummeting the whole day until they were virtually non-existent. After trying to nap on a park bench I thought it was in everyone’s best interest that I got back to catch some sleep (I admit that tired Josefine is also wired Josefine. She is very annoying, will bug you repeatedly until she catches the interest of something else while thinking she is absolutely hysterical).

Alas, before calling it a day and napping before visiting mini Paris (that’s, right!) I was able to see some nice views of the city: the colonial architecture, panoramic views and of course, yet another market. This served as a friendly reminder at just how much I love to travel by myself being able to do a 180 to my plans last minute. Pretty sweet.

Mini Paris was definitely worth going to. If anything, just to snap some pictures and confuse your family and friends of your whereabouts (I successfully did just that). The dinosaur theme of Toro Toro trickles down to Sucre as well. There are dinosaur footprints here too but I had zero plans on seeing them as I got my full dose over at the national park.

“Which one of these dinosaurs do you think leads to the Eiffel tower?”

I never thought I’d say these words. But here it made all the sense in the world.

Mini Paris is situated right next to a super intensely themed dinosaur park. While in Paris, you’re able to visit all the usual Paris-y stuff like the Tour d’Eiffel and Arc de Triomphe. Hands down, this made my night.

“Cool story, bro. But how much did it cost?”

Hostel: 50Bs

Veggies to cook: 10Bs

Mini Paris: free

Total: 60 Bs

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