Ruins, ruins, ruins and how I got robbed of $0.75

La Paz is a wonderful city. I realized during my time there that one of the main things I loved about it was the fact that there are a tremendous number of different activities and day trips its near. I decided one day to head to see the ruins at Tiwanaku. Though I had read previous blogs that people who have already seen Macchu Picchu (I just so happen to belong to this category) are advised not to go as this site apparently would not wow such people. I said “No way. There is absolutely no way I’m not seeing these ruins”. It’s true. I love them. There is just so much history there and it’s incredible that we’re able to preserve so many fantastic sites. Naturally, I had to go.

Indeed, the site isn’t very big. And nothing compares to Macchu Pichu. After all, it’s listed as a wonder of the world for good reason. Even so, I loved exploring the sun gates, sacrificing sites and the small town of Tiwanaku. What was interesting was that when I got there, there was a gathering of some sort so the place was packed with ladies wearing the traditional multicolored “backpacks”.

The town itself is very small, and seeing everything makes for a perfect day trip outside La Paz. The tricky thing, as per South America, is always to catch the return bus as these go on a whenever-we’re-full-we’ll-leave kind of basis. In ended up getting into a heated argument with the bus driver on the way back as I knew he was over charging me. After a while I had to cool myself down, reminding myself that what we were negotiating was solely $0.75.

“Cool story, bro. But how much did it cost?” 

Bus to Tiwanaku: 5 Bs

Bus from Tiwanaku: 10 Bs

Entrance fee: 80 Bs (by far one of the priciest outings I did in Bolivia, citizens are only 10 bolivianos though)

Lunch: brought fruits and nuts

Lodging: nada (couch surfing)

Total: 95 Bs

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Moster A says:

    Fantastiskt roligt att få läsa om dina resor! Å du skriver väldigt underhållande. Ser fram emot kommande inlägg!!


    1. jgyll001 says:

      Tack! Kul att du gillar det 🙂


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